For Android devices


Photo reports in PDF

The application helps to create a pdf file containing photos and comments to them and send this file by e-mail or via messenger

Where and for what you can use this app?

- To share what you saw and photographed with friends

- Make a technical report

- Collect material of lectures and seminars, make a cheat sheet

- Prepare a report, a note, a review of anything

- Tell about the campaign, vacation, business trip ...


MaximSchool chess apps

Teaching chess to children and adults helps to educate and form creative individuals with a high IQ level, who are able to make flexible non-standard decisions and endure life's difficulties.

If self-education is an important part of your life, and chess is one of your hobbies, then these apps are what you need! They are a chess trainer in your smartphone, carefully choosing interesting chess puzzles and games for you.

The main topics of the apps are chess openings and tactics


Rounding corners of pictures

To round out the corners of images and save the results in png- and jpg-formats is easy and convenient using this application.

Advantages of application:

- It is very simple

- You can select a radius of curvature

- The result can be saved in two extensions: .png and .jpg

- This app has advanced version that contains more features: cutting circles and rectangles, rotating and framing pictures, reducing sizes of images


Sakhalin island - beautiful photos of nature

Beautiful pictures, landscapes of Sakhalin:

- marine species
- wooded hills
- fast streams and calm rivers
- coniferous, deciduous and mixed forests
- snowy expanses
- tall herbs and wild flowers
- places for travel, fishing and hunting


Highlight on the photo and send

This app allows:
- draw arrows, circles, rectangles, straight and free lines in the picture
- place text on photo
- send edited image via messenger or email
- choose line thickness
- select the color of shapes and text
- adjust the location and size of the newly drawn shape or text on the photo


World of interests - notebook of hobbies

The user of the application can:
- create a list of hobbies with icons
- record the interests, plans for hobbies, not to forget to do something important
 - save web links in order not to lose interesting articles
- keep notes with photos for every interest and hobby
- view history of plans
- use other features of the app


Self-Education - English test

In the process of solving the test, it becomes clear what else you need to learn in order to improve your knowledge of the English language.

After some time, you can return to the test, take it again and enjoy the improvement in the result!


Group Photo Resizer

You have photos stored in a folder (perhaps they are divided into other folders inside this folder), and you need to quickly resize all these photos.
This app will perfectly cope with this task!